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Bagasse-based Cogeneration at Mawana Sugars Limited

Mawana Sugars Limited has cogeneration facilities at its sugar units at Mawana and Nanglamal. The plant generates GREEN POWER using bagasse produced as a residue from cane sugar processing. It is called green power or a renewable power since it is a self-replenishing source of energy.

The Green Power so produced not only caters to the captive requirement of the sugar plant but is also exported to the state grid to replace the coal-dominated power.

Sustainable development

  • Saves generation of the same amount of power in grid-connected, fossil fuel dominated power plants
  • Reduces GHG emissions due to reduced usage of conventional fossil fuels like coal, oil, natural gas; thereby helps conserve these finite natural resources
  • Truly carbon-neutral, since CO2 emission due to combustion of bagasse is more than offset by its absorption, thanks to the surrounding cane fields
  • Efficient utilization of locally available bagasse gives sustainable competitive advantage to the cultivation of sugarcane
  • Sets an example for other sugar mills by making bagasse-based cogeneration seem more attractive due to its revenue potential
  • Increased power availability due to distributed electricity generation improves the quality of life in the surrounding villages

Cutting-edge technology, Stringent processes

Cogeneration plants at various units of Mawana Sugars conform to the highest standards:

  • Latest technology - 86 bar 515°C high-pressure boilers and TG sets

CDM projects at Mawana Sugars - Commitment to sustainable development

At Mawana Sugars, we believe that bagasse cogeneration is a sustainable source of energy that in addition to mitigating global warming creates a sustainable competitive advantage for agricultural production in the sugarcane industry in India. By using the available bagasse in a more efficient manner, this project encourages the consumption of a locally available renewable energy source. It also demonstrates the feasibility of electricity generation as an allied source of revenue for a sugar mill.

Co-generationMawana Sugars Limited has five registered bagasse based cogeneration CDM projects. CDM projects at Mawana Sugars entail increasing the efficiency of bagasse based cogeneration. The plant sells electricity to the regional grid, thereby substituting the power generated by carbon-intensive northern grid, to which the state of Uttar Pradesh is connected. The power plants connected to the northern grid use conventional fossil fuels like coal, diesel/ oil, natural gas, among others. Thus, the project activity would reduce CO2 emissions and also conserve finite fossil fuels to that extent. The Certified Emission Reduction Units (CERs) generated by these projects generate additional revenue which enhances the attractiveness of the bagasse based cogeneration for the sugar industry.

Shriram Shankarlal Music Festival
Shriram Shankarlal Music Festival

12 February, 2010 -
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Very impressed with your operations keep up the good work.

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Great hospitality and congratulation for hard work and achievement so far.

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