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Mawana Sugars Limited is engaged in manufacturing of anhydrous and hydrous ethanol from molasses by state-of-art plant having production capacity of 120000 litres per day, at Nanglamal (Meerut). The plant incorporates multi pressure distillation and integral evaporation technology to produce high quality product and simultaneously reduce the effluent being generated from the plant.

This plant is capable of producing Rectified Spirit, Denatured Spirit and Fuel Ethanol as per international quality standards. Our strengths are adequate in-house availability of molasses from own sugar factories and large dispatch & storage facility.

The distillery is zero discharge compliant and employs bio composting process as the effluent treatment method to produce organic manure for soil enrichment.

The salient features of our products are:

1. Rectified Spirit (RS):

We produce Rectified Spirit (RS) as per BIS specification (IS-323). RS is used by potable liquor producers for producing country liquor or can be further processed to produce Extra Neutral Alcohol. We supply RS to buyers all over India.

2. Denatured Spirit (DS):

We produce denatured spirits as per the requirement of buyer. Denatured Spirit is mainly used by Alcohol Based Chemical Industries and Pharmaceutical manufacturers. We are regular supplier of DS to all major alcohol based chemical producers.

3. Fuel Ethanol (FE):

We produce Fuel Ethanol as per BIS specification (IS-323). FE is used by Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) for doping with motor spirit (Petrol).  

4. Organic Manure:

Our bio-composting facility can produce about 3000 MT organic manure per month. We have adequate in-house availability of press mud, key raw material, from own sugar factories to ensure smooth production of good quality organic manure. Our main customers of organic manure are farmers and tea estates.

5. Fusel Oil:

Fusel oil, containing 60-70 percent of amyl alcohol, is a byproduct and produced in small volumes. Fusel oil is a good solvent and diluent for printing inks, gums and hydraulic fluids.

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Shriram Shankarlal Music Festival
Shriram Shankarlal Music Festival

12 February, 2010 -
New Delhi

Very impressed with your operations keep up the good work.

Haris Arshad (CPCC Nestle)

Great hospitality and congratulation for hard work and achievement so far.

Tim Keller

The educative experience and the hospitality was per excellence.

H. P. Singh (ITOCHU NDL)