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To harness renewable natural resources effectively
Mawana Sugars will remain a company that produces products from annually renewable natural resources, its established core competence.

to make and distribute quality products needed by society,
The company will not venture into  products that do not enhance community value, either presently or in the long run.

using evolving goals and techniques to create sustainable value
The Company will use the best plants, processes and practices to create enduring value.

in harmony with our environment, our community, our stakeholders
The Company will collaborate with its stakeholders, not exploit them

and our Self.
The Company will strive to strike a chord with the inner self of every associate.

Shriram Shankarlal Music Festival
Shriram Shankarlal Music Festival

12 February, 2010 -
New Delhi

Very impressed with your operations keep up the good work.

Haris Arshad (CPCC Nestle)

Great hospitality and congratulation for hard work and achievement so far.

Tim Keller

The educative experience and the hospitality was per excellence.

H. P. Singh (ITOCHU NDL)